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If you have curly hair then you know the struggle. It’s either great or it’s not. There is no such thing as wash and go for any style. All hair needs a little help to reach it’s full potential. For Curly hair it comes down to just 4 basic steps.

  1. Cut- Curly hair is unique to each head of hair and each curl on that head. They all have their own spring and density. Curly hair should never ever be cut pulled straight and wet like a traditional hair cut. Why? Well, have you had a triangle or inverted triangle hair cut; or layers that looked more like shelves? Because each curl springs up different if its pulled straight and cut in one length each curl will spring up to different lengths. If you cut it curl by curl dry in its natural curl then your hair will fall exactly where you want it to avoiding mishaps. If anyone ever tries to thin or take out “some of the bulk” with a razor or thinning shears Just Say No!!!!
  2. Cleanse- Because Curly hair is wound it makes it harder for your natural hair oils to get much further then your scalp. You want a no sulfate cleanser and to focus on just your scalp area. A good scrubbing action with your fingers and preferably Deva-Curl No-Poo cleanser will do the trick. Make sure to really rinse out the cleanser well and rinsing it will be enough to cleanse the hair shaft and ends for regular washing.
  3. Moisturize- Now because those curls don’t let your natural hair oil past your scalp, it also means that it’s not letting much needed moisture to the majority of your hair. Dry curly hair means frizz, less curl, and stringy looking ends. With Deva-Curl One Condition you want to focus on putting the product on your mid shaft to ends. Really work it through each section of hair. Get out all the tangles with your fingers and all of the loose hair that people naturally shed. You can work a little up into your roots and scalp but not a ton. Rinse your scalp well and rinse most of the One-Condition out of your hair leaving in a little to act as a leave in conditioner.
  4. Style- When most people hear the word Gel they think 80’s crispy wet looking curl. Not so with Deva-Gel. Deal gel goes in soaking wet to help it absorb evenly. After scrunching in your Deva-Gel use an old t-shirt or a bakers cloth to scrunch the excess water out of your hair. You don’t want to use a towel that has little loops or is thick because the more abrasion your curls come into contact with when wet the frizzer they will be when dry. Let your hair air dry. When it’s all dry it have a crunchy looking cast on it. Break the Cast by scrunching your hair until it is no longer crunchy as enjoy your soft amazing natural curl all day long and even a few days after that!

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